Fundamentals of business engineering and management

  • W. ten Haaf, H. Bikker, D.J. Adriaanse
  • ISBN 9789040722103
  • € 30.00
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Fundamentals of business engineering and management A systems approach to people and organisations The approach to management problems introduced in this book is known as the 'Delft School of Business Engineering and Management' approach. It is a school of thought that is well known in the Netherlands and which has proved to be successful. Outside the Netherlands interest in this approach is also increasing.

This Delft method has been developed at the renowned University of Technology in Delft. When summarised the method may be characterised in the following main ways:

- Business means: service provided for people, by people; - With the analysis and therapy attached to organisation problems it is best for one to look at processes and to describe those processes according to the systems and model approach; - An interdisciplinary approach is what best suits modern, complex problems of leadership and organisation.

This book has in the first place been written to help up and coming managers, students still in training or managers with a technological background to orient themselves to the way in which companies and institutions operate. The book is also of interest to colleagues with different backgrounds who are interested in adopting a systematic approach to management problems.

About the authors The authors still are or were affiliated to Delft University of Technology and all of them were involved in Delft method development. Wouter ten Haaf has a master's degree in electrical engineering and has fulfilled various functions in the field of management, technology, commerce and general supervision. In 1981 he joined the University in Delft in a capacity as associated professor. He is currently head of the Business Engineering and Management Studies department at that same university.

Henk Bikker was appointed professor at Delft University of Technology in 1994 where he was made head of the Industrial Organisation and Management department. Previous to that he fulfilled various managerial functions in the aircraft industry in the area of product development and production. His original training was in the field of aviation construction engineering.

Johan Adriaanse has a degree in chemical engineering. During his career he has fulfilled various chemical industry functions and in the maritime sector as a senior researcher and consultant. At Delft University of Technology he was an associated professor. One of his fields of research was into integral product development and all its related organisational constraints.

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