Maintenance Engineering and Management

Maintenance Engineering and Management' covers the fields of industrial maintenance technology, engineering and management and their related theoretical background and practical applications. In respect of technical and engineering principles, the book focuses on the economic, organisational, industrial engineering, ICT and managerial aspects of the industrial maintenance function. With that in mind, the book is intended for university and college engineering students as well as for engineers and managers in industry.

The various aspects of maintenance engineering and management are dealt with in the following chapter structure. 1. Development of the maintenance function 2. Maintenance behaviour of technical systems 3. Optimisation of maintenance concepts 4. Design for maintenance 5. Workflow management 6. Maintenance logistics 7. Organisation of the engineering and maintenance function 8. Management and control of the maintenance and engineering work processes 9. Information provision of the maintenance and engineering function.

Klaas Smit served for 10 years as a Technical Officer with the Royal Netherlands Air Force and spent 5 years at Unilever's Engineering Division as Senior Maintenance Engineering Manager. Subsequently, until he acquired current emeritus status in 2006, he was appointed as full professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, where he held the chair of Aerospace Industrial Engineering and Management within the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and the chair of Maintenance Engineering and Management at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In parallel with his University positions he worked part-time as an independent industrial maintenance consultant.

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This updated translation of the book by Klaas Smit is the standard work for today's maintenance experts that will help them plan their maintenance more smartly.

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