Infrastructure and Regional Development in Indonesia

  • Bambang Susantono
  • ISBN 9789065623232
  • € 24.70
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This book discusses interaction between infrastructure development and regional planning, using Indonesia as a case study. It also highlights a number of theories and practices of the regional development planning process and its implementation, particularly in the context of developing countries. Designing holistic regional development requires a cross- and multi-sector planning process. In contrast, the sector-based development planning process only concentrates on a particular issue or problem and tends to ignore the needs of other sectors.

Therefore, overlapping projects often take place, especially when the project is large in scope. In extreme situations, sector-based development may trigger conflict because each sector demands to be the priority. Without policy coordination, contra-productive situations can emerge from this conflict of interests. Adopting an infrastructure sector-based approach within a regional development framework will ensure that the planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of projects is effective, efficient and sustainable.

Bambang Susantono graduated in civil engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology in 1987, before continuing his studies in the USA. He earned a Master's degree in city planning (MCP) in 1996, a Master of Science in Civil Engineering in Transportation in 1998, and completed a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in infrastructure planning in 2000, all from the University of California Berkeley.

He is an initiator of an economic corridor development planning in Indonesia; an eminent person in the development of the ASEAN Connectivity Master Plan; and served as the Vice Minister for transportation 2009-2014.

Dr. Susantono is a prolific writer, having written books, academic papers and journal articles. He has been invited as a keynote speaker for a number of international and national seminars and events. He is a lecturer in Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Indonesia, and Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the University of Diponegoro. In addition to teaching, Bambang is the chairman of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Indonesia and was a Board Member of East Asia Society of Transportation Studies.

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