Upper extremity prosthetics

  • Dick H. Plettenburg
  • ISBN 9789071301759
  • € 22.15
  • VSSD members: € 17.80

A wide variety of prostheses and prosthetic components is available for someone with an arm defect. This book presents the current state of the art: the different types of prostheses contemporarily available, their means of control and their sources of power. The actual use of prostheses is investigated. In general the use of prostheses is cumbersome. The reasons for this are explored. Also some basic requirements needed to achieve better prostheses are presented.

This book provides an overview of the current state of the art in upper extremity prosthetics for anyone interested in this field: i.e. students and professionals in areas like biomedical engineering, physical medicine, rehabilitation medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and rehabilitation technique.

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