PhD theses printed by Delft Academic Press

Elif Kucuksayrac PhD
Intermediaries in the Design for Sustainability Field
ISBN: 97890-6562-3812

defended 4 september 2015

Vana Tsimopoulou PhD
Economic optimisation of flood risk management projects
ISBN: 97890-6562-3805

defended 3 september 2015

Ana Laura Santos PhD
Mind the Gap: Designing Sustainable Healthcare for Humanitarian Aid
ISBN: 97890-6562-3775

defended 10 july 2015

Zhan Hu PhD
Tidal flat landscape formation and evolution
ISBN: 97890-6562-3782

defended 8 juni 2015

Lu Wang PhD
Climate Change Impacts on River Floods: Uncertainty and Adaptation
ISBN: 97890-6562-3751

defended 30 april 2015

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