PhD theses printed by Delft Academic Press 2014

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XueDong Zhang PhD
Biomethane and Phosphorus Recovery from Brackish Aquaculture Recirculation System
ISBN: 97890-6562-3713

defended 15 december 2014

Ana Mestre PhD
an action design intervention approach towards
Sustainable Product Innovation
ISBN: 97890-6562-3652

defended 2 december 2014
Elizabeth Rendon Velez PhD
Recognizing driving in haste
ISBN: 97890-6562-3706

defended 21 november 2014
Qian Ke PhD
Flood risk analysis for metropolitan areas - a case study for Shanghai
ISBN: 97890-6562-3669

defended 11 november 2014
Jouke Verlinden PhD
Developing an Interactive Augmented Prototyping Methodology to support Design Reviews

ISBN: 97890-6562-3607
defended 17 oktober 2014
Pieter Smit PhD
Deterministic and Stochastic Modelling of Ocean Surface Waves

ISBN: 97890-6562-3546
defended 6 june 2014
Kristof Vaes PhD
Product Stigmaticity, Understanding, measuring and managing product-related stigma

ISBN: 97890-6562-3515
defended 28 april 2014
Wei Li PhD
Mathematical modelling of morphological changes and hyperconcentrated floods in the Yellow River

ISBN: 97890-6562-3539

defended 8 april 2014

Poolad Karimi PhD
Water Accounting Plus for Water Resources Reporting and River Basin Planning

ISBN: 97890-6562-3492

defended 28 march 2014

Feng Wang PhD
E-waste: collect more, treat better
Tracking take-back system performance for eco-efficient electronics recycling

ISBN: 97890-6562-3508
defended 21 march 2014